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cd changer port to ipod?????

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hi guys so im wanted to unplug my cd changer and plug in an adapter that i could plug in a ipod or mp3 player i searched and found a few threads and thought i ordered the right thing. so i get the part and pull the deck plug it in (i wasnt as smooth goin in as the cd changer) and plug my ipod in and hit power then try to switch to "cd changer" and it just went back and forth to am fm wouldnt reconize the player?? so what did i do wrong is this the wrong part?

this is what i ordered
3.5MM AUX INPUT FOR iPOD MP3 ALPINE KCM-123B KCM-122B - eBay (item 270568659309 end time Aug-16-11 21:17:00 PDT)

what do i need to make it work?
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I could be wrong but for that price it's probably not a genuine "Alpine" piece. I had the same problem with my Kenwood, once I spent 60.00 for the authentic cable all was good.
what adapter is everyone elese using? theres gotta be something cheaper than 60$
I am using the USA SPEC iPod adapter. It worked so well I put one in our 2006 MDX. Works great! You can even see the titles on the LCD display and use your steering wheel controls to skip songs, playlists and control volume.
I got the same one as mecman. No issues. Cheap
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