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Hey Guys,

I've just discovered this forum today and so far have been impressed. I'm a long time Legend owner (1989 Coupe) and it's been very interesting reading the trials and tribulations of other Legend owners.

I have a suggestion/request for the forum. It would be great if you could make it so that links to posts that I've already viewed would appear in a different color than posts that I haven't viewed yet.

My other car is a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I've been a member of the forum for a few months. They appear to run the same software (vBulletin) as you do for the forums. They have this feature implemented and I'll tell ya, it makes it a LOT easier to navigate throught all the different topics when you know whether you've already viewed it or not.

Here's a post from the other forum on how they went about implementing this:

CeeJay, you have this in your template file:

A:link, A:visited, A:active {
COLOR: #000080;
A:hover {
COLOR: #FF4400;

Change it to this:

A:link, A:active {
COLOR: #000080;
A:hover, A:visited {
COLOR: #FF4400;

That should do it! I'm not sure, but you may have to do something similar for the rest of the "a" styles.

It's a relatively easy fix. If you could do that, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Like the post says, it's a relatively easy fix and one that would make navigating this site that much more enjoyable.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, you guys are doing a real nice job with the forums!!

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