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Changing bumper covers ChrisK)

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Hey guys,

so some dip**** ran into my car in a parking lot ( i cried for days), well anywho, i need to replace my front bumper cover and i was thinking of going with a 1995 bumper cover. is it a direct replacement or do i need to do something special with it? ChrisK i know have done it. any help is much appreciated. Also Chris, do you still have your original right hand headlight assembly? theres no way in hell i am going to pay $500+ for a new one. thanks,

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what about insurance? will it cover any of it?

Yeah insurance will cover it, but i can buy my own parts and have my friend do the work...the payout from insurance was $2600, so as much of that i can skim off the top the better ( college = poor unfortunately) i need some extra money for beer! i am collecting parts on my own to save some of that $2600.
I'm no Chris Kam, but I did the bumper change too, no need additional stuff, just need the bumper cover. The bumper light is interchangeable too, so it is pretty straight forward swap. Good luck.
awesome thanks. i am trying to go as cheaply as possible on this thing so if any of you know where a good place on the net is for oem parts at discount prices it would be much appreciated. thanks
Who needs beer when you have a Legend?!?!?! Beer = not able to drive legend, which = no fun.
when legend is at home in garage while i am at school, beer= fun
In upgrading to a 95-95 bumper you will also require the 94-95 spoiler as well as the 94-95 front license plate bracket. It may be less expensive to buy a complete used front bumper assy if the damage is more than the cover. Check for it. I located one a couple of yrs ago for $450 shipped to MA from CA. For new OEM: Acura of Augusta 1-800-736-6818. Depending upon how hard you were hit, you may need new bumper slides as well as a pull and/or beam. There is no adjustment to be made; the bumper either fits or you need to repair replace parts.

If the cover has suffered a small tear, there are repair kits.
Parts needed are the bumper cover, the lower spoiler lip, the foglight inserts, and the front license plate braket from a 94-95 years. Be sure to keep all the clips from your original bumper so you can transfer them to the new one.
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