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Cheap Moodlighting

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Hey, just heard about this from one of my buddies. I wanted all of my interior lights blue to match my lighting skeme. I didn't want to pay like 10 bucks to order blue bulbs and I couldn't find a colored bulb for the foot lamp. Anyways, I bought some colored saran wrap from the dollar store and put this right behind the lense. I had to fold the wrap to get the proper thickness and trim it to fit but it looks pretty good. 12-ply ended up being the correct thickness. They have this stuff available in any color you want too. You also can't really tell that it is there with the lights off either. Prolly gonna tell all my friends I got custom lenses from Acura for $50 a peice... lol. Anyways just thought I'd share.
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just make sure the bulbs arent at suc a high wattage that the foi melts
yeah, but that stuff is made to be nuked in the microwave anyways.
what i did was use acrylic blue paint on the bulbs it works pretty good so far....about a year now no problems....
really? That sounds pretty kool... where can you get the paint? Does it have to be a certain type to resist so much heat?
I painted my bulbs blue in my Accord once & it turned into a orange yellowish burnt color. stick with the Saran.
mind are still ok i guess they are still blue...i got them a pearl paint or any art stores..
Ok, I tried using paint- but it is impossible to get the correct coating. It is usually too thick. But, I did put saran wrap on the bulb directly and left it on for about 25 min. After that amount of time the inmost layer of saran looked a lil melted but the outside layers weren't melted at all. Also, the saran didn't move or burn at all. I left this bulb as it is and have had it in there for about a week with no problems at all.
Saran wrap...success!

Thanks fer the suggestion firestorm.

I did it on my G2 Sedan and it looks pretty nice!

I initially tried coloring it with a blue sharpie, but that soon faded away and i couldn't be bothered to paint it.....

But this works wonderfully! (so far) :D

yeah... i had a lil problem trying to find the exact shade. The blue i got is more like a sky blue. But, it matches all the other buttons in my car. I haven't found a dark blue yet though. I've found sky blue, green, rose and purple.
I used sky blue too...

All i did was folded it coupla times and made it pretty still isn't dark blue...but it isn't light blue either. :D
Where do you find blue electrical tape? And I couldn't get your link to work. I'd love to see a pic. Thanks.
this is just for the lights that are on when you open the door-- what about the lights that are behind the radio controls and a/c controls?? is it possible??
what lense? do i just stick the saran around the bulb?
LEGENDARY 93 said:
this is just for the lights that are on when you open the door-- what about the lights that are behind the radio controls and a/c controls?? is it possible??
yeah ^^ anyone know about those ? i'd like to get to know more about it if anyone has ideas or done it
Yeah, it is possible. Just get some LEDs with a resistor for 12V power. You can get any color you want. Or, you can get some gel covers for the stock bulbs. I know that they make them for the stock lighting on many different cars. Not sure where you can get them. It will just take some work to take everything apart and put it back together.
I just popped the lenses of the lights on the doors off and used a red pernament marker on the inside of em. Put a few coats on and it looks reallly good. Not pink at all. Reddddddd
i just went with the blue LEDs in my car and they turned out great! Why not spend a little extra money for something so much nicer?!... I only bought three blue bulbs though that light up top. The step courtesy lights are all white. but thumbs up for trying to find a cheap way of doing this mod! Take pictures!
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