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Check Engine Light

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When I start the car it runs fine, but after it warms up enough the check engine light come's on and she starts to sputter, and then smooth out when i shut the car off the check engine light doesn't come back on till i start the car and it runs for a bit. I need to know what the issue is so it can be fixed this is my main transportation source.
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Welcome to the forum, you need to pull the code. go the newbie facts and look for legend wiki.

There you will see links for "pulling codes" and there "definitions"

I would link them but not home right now.
I've tried pulling a code, the ECU doesn't blink at all absolutely no indicator lights only the check engine light is on, I've gone through the whole book to see what the issue is.
sounds like u might be jumpering the srs cable by accident. double check which cables you are jumping. if unsure, take a picture of them and someone here will tell you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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