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Great link. Thank you . I couldn't find my trouble codes.
I have a code 7, meaning the throttle angle sensor or circuit. Im trying to get the harness, 07GMJ-ML80100 or equivalent per a link I got here at this forum.
Anyone know where to get it? The dealer here hasn't a clue what Im talking about. I didn't talk to service but only the parts people.
This forum is really great. I inherited my daughter's '88 Legend and am trying to get it smogged. Can't with the TPS code. I was going to get it smogged then sell it. More I read here, the more I tend to want to keep it. Have to watch the cost though. If it weren't so expensive to keep, I'd have no problem deciding to keep it.
Anyway, great forum. Thanks for any help I can get to get this test harness.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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