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we appear to have the same rims, only mine are gold in the inner part, and yours look to be in much better shape, I just took some pictures today and will post them soon

looks nice and clean to me! time for some mods! get a mesh grill on there, cheap easy mod to get you started

Re: Thanks

91LSMAN said:
Tinting the windows is next, then maybe fogs. I am trying to limit myself to one thing a month.:)
Wow, if I had that rule, I would have had to shoot myself this month :D. hahaha I kinda went overboard. Konis, Eibachs, Weapon-R, Ingalls, HID's, new paint hehehe

I'm surprised that there is still money in my bank account :p, So that's what work is good for, eh ;)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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