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Do I have the correct information?

I am making this thread to make sure that I have all the correct information. I really want to focus on the handling of the Legend, so I think that I have decided that I want to get Futs Long and Short Tie Bars, and the Addco rear sway bar.(later on down the road will be JIC coilovers). For now, does the rear sway bar and the 2 tie bars sound like the right thing to do? If yall think that I should get other things first let me know.

For the tie bars I should paypal $445 to [email protected].

For the Addco rear sway bar I should give Addco a call at 1-800-612-8916 and ask for part number 2103.

If people could confirm this information that would be great, and also if you have these modifications please post on how you like them, the quality of the piece, and how well everything is holding together. The sooner the feedback, the sooner I can order the parts.

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