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??? child lock ???

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well today i was driving and i had the child lock on the window on because of my 19 month old son who loves to roll down the window wen it cold as sh!t out .. so i hit unlock and my girl cracks her window just a lil then i locked it again...well when we stoped i unlocked it for her to roll her window up and it wouldnt go up...i then found out that it broke behind the button!! i took my panel off ans saw three wires goin to where the switch was..i cut them to hope that it would disengage the lock so it would open but it didnt!!!

dose any one know how to bypass the child lock???

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First of all you need to reconnect the 3 wires that you cut. Next get a voltmeter and find out where your issues may be coming from. The switch may not be getting any juice or the connection to release the window is loose or may not be connected or even a blown fuse could cause the issue. find out where the bad connection is and make the connection in order to restore your child lock switch to normal operation...
There are two wires inside the master switch that go to the lockout switch, just solder the two wires together and it will be "unlocked" all the time.
"Reconnecting the 3 wires inside the master switch" ? Hmm, guys: Are we talking about Coupes or Sedans? To remove the child lock protection of Coupe quarter windows you just have to remove the small plastic bolt which is located inside the window regulator. Needs just some min's to get it out and what's the same way like on G1 Coupes. According to EDM Coupes of course. Never knew that you have to re-wire the master switch :confused:

Don't you guys have that plastic bolt aka child protection inside the window regulator? I'm a lil bit confused or maybe it's the difference between our Coupes.
Mike I think he means the switch on the master broke. Which is a very common issue with these cars. (almost every legend in the JY is missing the lock switch.)
Mike I think he means the switch on the master broke. Which is a very common issue with these cars. (almost every legend in the JY is missing the lock switch.)
Aaah, now I got it. Thanky, Cory :bigok:

The title "Child Lock" has confused me a lil bit so I thought it has something to do about the quarter panel of our Coupes :D
the switch it broke fixing the switch!! but wat two wires are you talking about? the three wires i cut was (2) red wires and (1) blue wire...i touched the wires to each other in different orders and still didnt work? if you could just tell me in detail what wires to put to gether im sure i could fix it!


can u show me what wires? the 3 at the bottom 2 reds and 1 blue thats the wires i cut

thanks for the help on this
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please can some one tell me what 2 wires to touch together?

its raining here and i need to get my window up!!

Solider the plate under the lock switch.
ya well the button is shot after i took a screw driver to the tin foil is out of the Q.

i just need to straight wire it

and wat plate u talking about? soldier what?

thanks again every one
just go grab a switch from the JY 15.00 problem solved.
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