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Child Seat

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OK, not quite the most exciting question ever posted, but it is important to me nonetheless.

Has anyone installed child seat anchors on the sedan? The manual states that there are hard points in the rear deck to support anchors that are supposed to be supplied with car seats. Maybe back in '95 they did, but mine didn't come with them when I bought them in '99. Has anyone done it? Would a dealer have the anchors? Or should I resort to some 1/4" eye bolts?

Thanks everyone!
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To be honest when I put our carseat in mine I didn't bother with the anchors. I just made sure it was in as tight as it could be with the seat belt. I haven't had any problems, and I have hit the brakes hard a couple of times. You might not feel comfortable not doing it though. Of course I was going to have to do as your suggested, eye-bolts.
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