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Ok here we go, time to talk chips. This may have been, and most likely has been done before, but I'm in for some knowledge.
Post up chips you've used, tried, are using and are looking at *with links if ya wish*. Personally I've been looking at a ECU reprogramming for a bit now, but would like to see what else is out there and who's had expiriences with any such thing.

Anyway, in some cases they are a waste of money. Others, they are worthy investments. I'm looking for atleast 15 horse from a chip and such. Anything less just seems futile to work for, and would just direct me to getting a remus exhaust.

Blah blah blah.
SPEAK UP.....and be heard

Some places I've found:

Oh and by the way, if anyone has seen any headlight in the euro style, crystal eyes, or projection too. I've looked all over and figure I'll have to make my own. Tired of the dirty looking lenses in the stocks lights. :cool:

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Anyone know if we can get Comptec ships considering the are the best company to get stuff for the NSX.. They are the NSX gods, I am shure they can reprogram us and they know the C32 block well, maybe someone can get their contact info.
We need answers on...
Timing Adjusters
NSX pistons

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bayou is the only manufacture that makes chips for the Legend. And DV8 dynoed a chip and found a gain of 7whp. The chip cost $400, there was a GB for $250 about 5month ago, but many who participated in the GB got broken chips and had to pay hundred in extra to get them fixed(do a search in the performance forum to find out what I'm talking about) Also probably ruined the relationship between legend owners and bayou performance ( I won't be surprised if they drop the chip all together)

BTW: Comptech will NEVER EVER make a single piece of **** for the Legend, they declared the Legend an unprofittable market long long time ago. I doubt they will change their minds now.

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Is there any other modifications needed other than replacing the chip in the ECU? What I mean is any soldering require or resistors required on the board.
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