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ChrisK ---- LOOK!!

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Hey Chris, I don't know you but I was reading on here that you disconnected your mast antenna and are just using your window antenna. I wanted to know which wire you cut (if thats what you do to disconnect it) so the mast antenna doesn't move up and down, and I'd also like to know where the window antenna is located and how the radio reception is using just the window antenna? I rarely listen to the radio and I hate having the mast come up when all I want to do is play some tunes from my stacker. One more thing, do you have to connect the window antenna into the back of the oem deck or is it already connected?

Any light you could shine on this would be much appreciated.

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well, i see that chris hasn't replied to this, so hopefully mine will do : ) both antennas are already connected to the stock headunit; i think that the radio switches between them based on which one is getting better reception. to keep your trunk-mounted antenna from extending, just pull the electricalplug that goes to it's motor. you can get to it by peeling back the trunk carpet on that side of the trunk, and you will see two things plugged into the antenna assembly: a thick black wire that is the connection to the headunit, and then a small gray plug that has three wires going into it - this is the power connection. if you just pull that plug whil ethe antenna is down, it won't extend any more (until you reattach the plug, of course). hope this helps,

Damn that was quick wally, i'll try that.

Much thanks
I used the window antenna for my aftermarket deck. WHen I had the OEM, I still used both. Anyway, like wallstrum said, to keep the mast antenna down, you simoky disconnect the power conneector at the antenna motor. No need to cut anything.
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