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Another problem before i take it to the shop....
When i make sharp turns (going 10-20mph) or am coming to a stop, i hear a clanking metal sound from my undercarriage, it sounds like its coming from both wheelwells....
Its random, intermittant clanking, it doesnt do it all the time but it is pretty loud. It doesnt affect my driving at all, i only notice a loud POP CLANK like metal stressing or something. This is the only problem that really worries me about my car, im havin nightmares of my wheel flying off on the highway (my first car did this, VW's suck). So if anyone has ANY CLUE what in the world this might be pleaaaaaaase help me here. I dont want to pay tons of money to have it diagnosed if i dont have to. Oh yea, ive heard if it was a cv boot or something it would be like a tap tap tap and from what this sounds like i dont think thats what it is.
Thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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