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Clear/Red Tail lights are in!!!

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Ok, we just got them in. My girlfriend's dad brought two back over here. They are clear on the top two portion and red on the bottom portion. This is for the 91-95 Sedan only. The sedan has three portions of the tail lights. top middle, and bottom. The bottom is where the two 1157(Brake lights) and 194 bulbs would go. the cleared middle is where the turn and reverse lights go. Then clear top is the parking lights.

My girlfriend is the one selling this not me. She setting the price at $300. we'll be placing this on e bay next week. Reason being for the price was for the rarity of this product, and for being custom made over seas. I believe a place in San Diego is charging $600 to get these made and install. Then in San Jose on Blossom Hill, a place is charging $500 for them. so i feel 300 as a reserve price is ok, right?

We'll be selling only one set for now. This will be for the lense only. install should not be hard for those whom taken apart their lights before. for those who may be new, I can give you some instructions how to take them apart. I did the all clear tail lights all by myself. I'm only 21, still young, so i assume anyone else should be able to the job also. This will all depend on who actually wins the bid. I have a relative that may bring two or more sets when she comes to visit me. Hopefully I can get them made again.

As for picture, i don't eve know how to post up picture. I have a digital camera though :D

Description of the lights... They are high quality plastic. Hand custom made. Top two section is cleared (top parking, reverse and turn). The bottom portion is red ( 2 brakes and a parking).
These are a set of left and right lense only. (The second set I'll be installing myself with a housing, if i can win it on ebay, and use temporarily on my car. the one on my car now is illegal.)
These set should be Legal in California. For there are red visible on the back. Similar to the late 90's Civic with their clear and red set up. These lense are for the 91-95 Acura Legend SEDAN only.
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LoL, you're gonna need pics or no one will buy heh
heh heh. yeah. i know. i'll try to post them up when i can. they look cool though. Though my words mean nothing until people can actually see them though, huh?
Sprung17 said:
heh heh. yeah. i know. i'll try to post them up when i can. they look cool though. Though my words mean nothing until people can actually see them though, huh?
send it to me via pm and i'll host it.
How do i send the pictures by PM? do i need to have it on the internet first? I have the picture in my computer though.
send it to me via email if you want. i can host it.
always for the sedan and never for the coupe. :(
That's cuz you coupe owners have those nicer longer lights in the front, more agressive look, so we get the other stuff...

Haha j/k :)
why is it that i can't get anone's email address?
well if anyone wants to see the picture email me at [email protected], and i'll send them to you. If any of you can, post them up for me please???? heh heh.
Pretty cool...

I do kinda like these lenses... Not bad! Unfortunately I think that $300 is too much for just a lens, but I can understand since they were custom made! Any way to get a bunch of these made at the same time (cost discount)? The coupes would be MUCH easier to make, since the entire lens is flat...

For those who didnt click the link, here is a direct:

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Dat shiet looks sweet sprung, why didn't you make the red top and bottom and clear in the middle? I think it'll look better IMO. Ugotta let me check it out once you're install it
DayM those are pretty sweet.

Any Possibility of a group discount? Cuz i KNOW hella people will buy them if the price drops. If you need backing just setup a group buy or something.


I'll stick with my blackouts.

The red doesn't look very deep like the stock lenses. That almost looks like tape or red window film. Also I agree with OhMyGodItsDanny regarding the top being red as well. I like the stock tailights other than the orange stripe in the middle. But it really isn't that bad so I have'nt pursued any means of replacing them. But overall it looks like a descent piece.
I'll see how much my G/F wants to sell em for. I'm just guessing on the 300. we're going to place it on e bay and see how much it will go up to. so we'll have an idea of how much people are willing to spend. Its hard to get a group buy on this, due to the fact that its over seas and the people who does this, i do not know them. met them once, but thats it. I'll try to get some some more. This time i will have the top and bottom red and cleared in the middle. hopefully my aunt can get them made and bring them over.

How much do you think this could be sold for?
-it's a rare part.
-custom made.
-imported from over seas
-lense only
I want coupe clears!! It really doesn't matter if your just selling the lense because people who want it that bad would be willing to break their own to install these. I agree that the red shuld be darker and on top try to make coupe ones, it would look better! :) --=Keith
If you guys want red/clear/red pattern, maybe you can paint the inside of the lens with the Testor's Candy Apple Red paint. Depending on how many coats you put in, you can adjust for the deepness of the red.

I would get in on this, except that I just spent all of last week taking apart my lights and painting them, so I'm already content with what I've got now.
actually, i just put the original lense and the clear/red next to each other, and they are an exact match. The red on the clear/red is as dark as the original. I think my picture made it look lighter due to the flash, back ground, and not being installed yet. But it is the same red as the original. I'll take a picture of both and send them to whom ever wants to look. just e mail me.

so you don't really need to paint it or do any darkening to it. The original has a clear reflective piece of plastic in the housing. That may cause the one on your car to look darker. when the clear/red is placed on the housing with the clear reflective piece thing, i think it should be ok.

I'll try to win a set of left and right tail light housing off of e bay and install one set. the other set i'll sell on ebay to see how much people are willing to pay.

there should be some one out there willing to pay 300+ if they really really really want one, rather than going to a shop to have it done and pay twice as much. i guess we'll see how high the demand for this is when i can get this on ebay.

i guess the value will probably change depending on the supply and demand, right?
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