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Code 14 Help 1988 acura legend

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Hello i have a 1988 Acura Legend with 98,000 miles on it. I recently got a check engine light on in car and it read code 14 which is the IACV. I was looking online to find one to notice that the part new was $300 and up and was not able to spend that much at this current time. I bought a used one on ebay which was certified clean and working. The same problem came up after a day and it was surging the next morning. I reset the code and everything. I drove all day and it did not surge the rest of the day and has not in last 3 days.

I have a few questions

First- Could anything else be causing this surging and code 14 check engine
Second Do you have to set anything when you replace IACV.
Third I read something about coolant running through IACV is this true and what is the coolant that runs though there.
Last- could high coolant temp cause the IACV to start surging.

If someone could give me some help i would really appreciate it.
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I ran into the same situation as you did when I was rebuilding the motor. Sadly, i had to buy a new which was around $300. But if the situation is coming back, you'll need to look at other issues.

Check the electrical wires that connect to it. The wires tend to get frail and old to the point where they could possibly snapped off.

Another issue is the gasket for the IACV. Make sure air isn't leaking through it. Use brake cleaner/throttle body cleaner and spray around the are. If you hear the idle change, then you just found the issue.

Engine coolant does pass through it. It does that so the engine can warm up quicker. Once hot coolant passes through it, the coils inside it will move the plunger so it can block off the air way and make the idle go down.
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