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color interior bulbs

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does any one know where i can buy a colored bulbs for interior
im talking about thouse little one with light the ashtray or by the windows switch , thare are veary small

any one have any ideas ?

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i got mine at pep boys if u have one of those near where u live


Just wanted to let you know that if you have a sedan be VERY careful when removing the interior door lights on the rear door panels. They are small rectangular white covers, and when taking these off I crack not one, but BOTH of them! Even after I was VERY careful about getting the first one off, the clips would not release. I do not know how to avoid this...

I went hyperwhite for ALLLL the bulbs in my car... Cost me about $100 because of the stupid oddly shaped bulbs for the roof lights...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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