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Comin' to ATL, again!!

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Hey all you ATL guys... I'll be in ATL this Friday night through Sunday mid day... I'm coming into town to meet my half-fiancee, girlfriend, whatever (I hope she'll be my fiancee still), and I wanted to get together for something short on Saturday... I know that all of you meet up almost every weekend, so I'd definitely like to join you for a couple of hours while I'm in town... Let's do it! yeah.... ! Excited... !


Let me call you, or you call me....

I also got your VM, but it was lastminute, and I couldn't respond (call back) because I was out of the area of coverage)...
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what is with all the confusion on the girl? You got a Legend, so there should be no doubt!:p I won't be headed down this weekend, but if you want to stop on your way through Chattanooga call me! Leon has my number. They announced at the last meet that every Sat. exeryone will be meeting at our sponsors shop. I am sure someone will put up a time and directions for you.
great Cody you have to show at one of the few I miss! I bet Patrick is gonna show too!
Whats up man???!!!!.... We've been invited to a Maxima meet on Saturday. Heres details......

(BTW- Did you get that dub done for me on VHS? If so you can bring it Saturday. :D )
Ummm depends on how I feel , I may come out...I have to work sat from 1 to 4 pm so I will have to meet you guys then.:eek: If im not too tired i will come out and hang
Hey guys, glad to hear about all of this excitement...

AcSwerver- I can't get the VHS done, because I haven't started on the video at all yet - still waiting to get the AV card...

Leon and everyone else- Waiting on the AV card and editing tools... have to be patient...

Lee- Sorry that I signed off of IM so soon, but my POS dialup sucks! I'll talk to you soon...

Looking forward to seeing everyone briefly, but I don't want to drag my fiance to the meet for too long, because this is our weekend together, and I won't see her for another 2 months until I go back to Savannah... so I have to make it brief... but I'm sure we'll have fun regardless...

Please have patience with the video deal... I still have to wait to purchase my AV card to even make this thing, so it's going to take time for me to order it and get it in and installed, then to learn to use the software that they give me... (The d a m n thing costs $340!!! D A M N !!)
Tell me what type of A/V card you need. I should be able to get you wholesale $.

I need a DAZZLE for a Mac G4 Dual 1.0 ghz machine... It should be around $200 or something retail for the regular version... I need whatever version comes with the AV-to-firewire converter, and also some slick software to get me going with this editing.

Thanks ahead man!
I can have it for you at the meet Sat. Even if I don't go. All I need to do is get some one to go to ASI (just north of 285 at 85 on the top end) and pick it up. I will have the price tomorrow. If anyone else needs anything, computer wise, let me know. Especailly if it is for LLCC!
Lee! I've got the $$ Thanks man! Just tell me what I have to do to get the card... do I need to give the money to you? Hit me back fella.
I think I will have you mail me the payment. I am going to buy it for you and let you just pay me back. I will know the price tomorrow.
D A M N Lee, thanks man! As soon as I get the card installed, and all of my footage into the Mac, I can start this video! The wait will soon be over! Thanks so much!
No Problem! I just wish I had thought of it sooner!
so what time are we meeting up? And where? As stated earlier Inot available until after 3:30 and don't know how to get there according to the map. (new to the area) Maybe we can meet at Perimeter Mall or something. Or just give me directions. -thanx
Perimeter is too farto meet up at for the meet!!!
Leon Millette said:
Sonic on 78
Ok........tell me how to get there Is 78 also referred to as Stone Mountain Parkway? Do I go east on 78? If so where do I go from there?
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