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Compustar Alarm

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Does anyone have experience with this alarm? A local installer wants $650 for the spectrum and $550 for the FM. For those that don't know the Spectrum has a 1 mile rangem the FM has a 1/4 mile. Let me know, Thanks.
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Those are decent prices from a dealer. I was quoted $750 for the spectrum 2WSS including 5 window up/down.

I ended up getting it done by a family friend (private installer) on two cars for $600, in addition to some computer/network help. The invoice on the units and pagers themselves are about $249.99, available only to a certified dealer. Those prices you mentioned are are not uncommon.

For the same price you can get a lojack, but you wont know to activate it until you find that your car is not where you left it:(

I figure that the 1.25 mile range gives me an edge if indeed my baby is being messed with. I have tested the range recently and up to a mile the range is dead on. Anything past a mile (1.10~1.25<) reception was in and out. Also, being underground, large buildings and big concrete structures can drop your efficiency to less than half! I am not sure how weather affects the efficiency either.

There was about a 10 second delay from the initial car alarm to pager warning in a relatively open condition. (I was using a nextel to communicate to my friend who was helping me test).

My suggestion is if you want a fully functional pager alarm without the monthly fee. GET IT!

The aladdin alarms shouldn't even be considered competition... They are SH!T. You get what you pay for.
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omG STEVE A TT Z!!!!!! You're so lucky! =D The best of both worlds. *sigh*
i got the FM one....this guy i know ordered it and install it for me for $400...remote start and trunk release included

my mom got the 1 mile spectrum one from the same guy for $400 too but that thing keep loosing signal even when its parking in the the guy took it out and replace it with the FM one
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