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I've had mine for 3 years...and it has been very reliable. I bought it with 48,000 miles and now it has 74,000. I've had to replace the battery. The only other problems I've had were computer glitches.

The Radio has a code. I found this out when I had the battery replaced. If you don't have the code you have to take the radio's serial number along with your registration to the local dealer. The number is on the bottom of the radio, but many times can be found on a sticker inside the glove box. The number in the glove box does not tell you what it is for. My dealer tried to charge me $70 to reset my radio code. I wasn't to happy when I found out how easy it was to do. Never trust those guys.

One problem was the SRS light on the dash. Apparently the seat belt sensor can give a false code when exposed to signals from cell phones, Siruis radios, or even mp3 players. The local dealer wanted $650 to replace the sensor. I just reset it and didn't worry about it. The procedure is a little tricky to do yourself, but I did it using a paperclip.

Another problem is the check engine light. Always be sure to put the gas cap on tight or it will give you a "check engine" light (using the wrong grade of gas can cause this also). It resets itself after a few trips, or you can reset it by removing the backup radio fuse for about 10 seconds. You will have to re-enter the radio code if you do this.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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