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There is no debate, the RL is by far the superior vehicle. The only scheduled maintenance that will be fairly big $$$ is the 80K for timing belt, but that's 2-4+ years away, depending on annual driving. Do not even think about domesitic iron, check the reports posted by BigDecker and use this link too....

1999 RL Info from Auto Consumer Guide

1999 Acura RL: Acura claimed "more than 400 modifications" for 1999. None substantially changed the V6/automatic powertrain, but side airbags arrived as a new standard feature, along with brighter high-intensity-discharge headlamps; suspension retuning claimed to provide sportier handling, and larger brakes. There were also minor cosmetic alterations inside and out.

If you must, you can use the link to check on those "other" vehicles too!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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