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Long post, sorry but it covers several topics.

So I installed all my new brake lines today, will bleed tomorrow. Not too bad really. I was going to paint my calipers but did not have the patience to clean them well enough, I tried on the first one but the paint rolled off even an entire can of brake cleaner. Bright yellow was my choice, my wife says the paint refused to stay on because it knew it would look hideous on the car :D

Decided to tackle adjusting those pesky exhaust valves. Whoever said that the engine was easy to turn when the plugs were out lied ;-). So, I lined up the lines on the cam and peered down to the crankshaft pulley to find the white mark, notta, nothin' zippo. Very dismayed, I got out my can of engine cleaner and sprayed it down there and wiped off the pulley and, tada, little white marks and a red one and a green one I think (my color distinction is not so wonderful so I need to study the manual to see what they are).

CV joint inspection yielded that only the passenger side CV is bad, will follow Jose's advice and get them from, not the cheapest but they are new rather than reman which I do generally prefer.

I noticed a lot of residue from oil down the front (facing passenger side fender) and sides of the engine but behind the timing belt cover, anybody know what that may be???
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