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Okay all you suspension Guru's, I have a challenge for you...

...I'm going to test your G1 suspension knowledge.
Here is what I have waiting to be installed on my '88 Legend Sedan:
B&G lowering springs: 1.4" drop all around
KYB for front and rear
Strut mounts and bumper stops to be ordered soon.

I also have a set of Bilstein for the front. I didn't want to install them and mix/match my rears (Bilstein doesn't make rears for the '88) with something else. Anyway, I got a set of Bilstein rears for an 89-90 model year coupe and sedan. Long and short of it is, I would prefer to use the Bilsteins all around.

So my question(s) is(are), does anyone know:
1) How difficult it would be?
2) and what parts involved would be involved in changing the
rear suspension of my '88 set up to an 89-90 set up so that I could use the Bilsteins?
3) Is this a totally screwball idea or could it be done with moderate effort and might actually work?
4) Or should I just give up and go buy an 89-90 to go along with my new shocks?

Don't everyone jump to answer the last question so fast
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