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Coolin fans stay runin

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When I got to work last week I went in side an came out my car was overheating the fans were not comin on so I checked the fuse an the fuse was pop so I changed I an still no fans so I checked the dr side fan no I put new one an when I put it in the fans both came on as soon as put the batt back in with the car off turn the key to on they go off run the car it don't overheat but it's not the fan because the connector and it's hot with car off changed temp sen/fan switch on radiator / timer switch pon kick panel / tested control switch under kick panel good / relays good/ no cuts in wire/ what am I missin I don't want to rut a to switch to run manual
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Please write more clearly as your run-on-and-on-and-on sentence is very difficult to understand:
1. Your car was overheating because the fans weren't coming on.
2. A fuse was blown which you replaced but still not working.
3. Tested driver's side fan, wasn't working so you replaced it and when you hooked the battery back up the fans started running immediately.
4. When key is off the fans run, when key is on they don't??
5. ???
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