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CORNERS LIGHTS won't shut off

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Been a while since I have posted on here. Came out this morning to a completely dead car. After placing the trickle charge on the battery it was all over the place. After getting the car to jump concluded the battery was just shot. After driving it to make sure it didn't shut off I got back to the house and now the corner lights will not shut off. I tried turning the headlights on and off a couple times, but even with it completely turned off the lights are still on. Never had this problem, and assuming it is has to do with a fuse or relay. Just seeing if this sounds accurate, or if anyone has had this problems.
Thanks in advance....

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Also just curious if anyone knows what the small black toggle switch that is just above the kickplate(footrest) is. Noticed if for the first time while messing with the fuse box. Doesn't really look like a factory switch.
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