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Could this be your Transmission Mount?

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Hey guys, I finally took all of the information collected from the board and changed my rear transmission mount (Thanks KNLNGUS)... Thought you guys would like to see a pic of what a horribly broken tranny mount looks like, here we go...

BTW, that inside piece sould be connected to the outside, so it was completely broken!

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what were your symptoms that caused you to change it?
thats what mine looked like but it was broken in a different place
Wow, I gotta go and see if I gotta get mines replaced. How much did the part cost you and how much was labor?

G: Very nice! How does it sound?

Triton: The part was about $129 w/shipping from Acura of Augusta (706)737-5200. I was quoted 1.5 hours for labor, but it is a pretty easy do it yourself except for the VERY tight (and rusted) bolts on the lower side of the car. I did it myslef in a couple hours with a lot of liquid wrench stuff!

Congrats on the rear trans mount swap!

Now... after having completed this swap... don't you feel bad for our forum brothers and sisters that get screwed at the dealer!

That is why I do them for $30

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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