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So I noticed my front door speaker grills were stained when I bought my coupe.
Checked the horizontal external weather strips on the windows and could see they were hardened and gaping so letting water in.

So I drop $400 on 2 new strips and install them. At the front (approx in line with the mirror) the rubber strip comes up a little short and leaves a 3-4 mm gap or hole which is right in a vertical line with my new speakers.

So today my car is parked on an angle in the rain and I notice my speaker grill is soaking wet. Rip the panel off and water is dripping down from that gap onto the window switch wire bundle and them dropping down to the speaker grill.

Is this normal. I know all my plastic sheeting on the inside of my door is ripped but do all those weather strips come up short and leave a gap for water to piss in ?

I do notice when I open my door I get water running out at the bottom of the doors.
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