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I think, that´s the fuse, but I´m not sure. Check the fuse (inner of the kick panel, left side.
Defroster switch won´t work? What about the yellow control light within the defroster switch? Make an selfcheck. Check the inner grids of power (12V) with an check lamp. If this not works, than it could be, that the switch is defect.

Question: Which function have the courtesy lights switch?
We here in German have instead of courtesy lights,...
an headlamp cleaner and cruise control main switch.

Mike / Cologne

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i know my trunk release isn't working which is blowin me but the courtesy lights come on when you have taken the key out of the ignition. or shut the car off or opened the door. bect i can tell you D is to check the fuses, but you'll need a test lamp and did all of the stop working at once. the that means fuse. but help me with this damn trunk release the fuse is okay i think one of the wires might be cut but i need to know for sure.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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