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I just had to take my car to the shop to have a CV axle replaced... no biggie considering 310,000 miles. The guy got under it 2 days AFTER they got the car and said that they wouldnt touch it cause the cradle area was really rusty. This is because they're a GM dealer, but they're the best shop in town. When i got under the car on the hoist, i couldnt believe how rusty it was ONLY on the 'cradle'. The rest looked fine. Does anyone know if this is common? it looks BAD!!! I had to take it to a more 'renegade' shop than the olds dealer in town. Too bad im 310 miles from an acura dealer. If anyone can offer insight to this problem, please do. Otherwise, part 2 of the saga will continue when this next guy looks at it.......
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