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I had posted before because my crank pulley broke and was replaced. Over the holiday weekend on a 3 hour trip the car broke down half way there and I could see the crank pulley was not turning properly. It's still at the garage being looked at but I'm not optimistic.

I was told before that if the new crank didn't fix the problem, it might need a new engine because it would be cheaper than replacing the crank.

My first question is:
1. Would it be more cost effective to replace the engine or the crank.
2. If we replace the crank, what are the ramifications of putting a new crank in a 10 year old engine.
3. What are the ramifications of putting a new engine with a 10 year old transmission.
4. I've seen engines online around $3300; is there a better price or way of getting a used engine.

My car is a 94GS Automatic.
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