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blackac95 said:
Hello All,
Can anybody tell me what's up with my car?? As I am driving, the speedo goes crazy back and forth from 0 to the correct speed, the "D4" light blinks at a regular rate, and stays blinking even if I change gears, and at the end the check engine light just came on. And the engine seems to have lost power. Is this serious? Any ideas on the cause?

You sure your not driving my car? I bought a new VSS months ago but was lazy to change it cause I don't drive the Leg too much. Now I really want it swapped out and it's cold as *$#@, and I refuse to let anyone touch my car. I'm past the whole "mechanic" thing, there's nothing you can't do yourself (or pay Mike Diaz to do). :D
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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