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crome wheel well

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anybody know to go thouse crome liner thing the kinda lines the top of your wheel well , iv seen a couple legends with this one in a movie to fogot name but if anyone knows what im talking about holla back.

found this pic


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Ok guys, I do not care for this trim...had some on my 88 accord coupe long time ago, but to each his own....this does'nt look too bad....just not my flavor. BUT, that is what makes all of us special...we dont want everyone looking like us now do we?

Let's get back to being good guys...I don't like when we bicker over lil things like this....tears us apart.:(

DO your thing Roger
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NickD said:
With those chrome peices do you have to worry about water getting under them and rusting them fenders???
yes it is you would have to either remove the mand clean under there periodically or something of that nature
Re: Watch out for the screw holes

Bread said:

The only thing you have to watch out for are the holes you drill to mount them. Make sure to seal the hole with anti-corrosive paste because of the bare metal exposed.

sorry, this is what I was referring to
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