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crome wheel well

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anybody know to go thouse crome liner thing the kinda lines the top of your wheel well , iv seen a couple legends with this one in a movie to fogot name but if anyone knows what im talking about holla back.

found this pic


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Come on guys

silko82ny, you da man. And I'm right here with you SeaSickLegend, I knew I liked you from the start. The point is that he wasn't asking for opinions, he was asking for help finding something he's interested in. If you can't answer his question, then don't reply. Those hater comments are just lame. Why is this so hard for some people?

Roger, I don't know any sites on the internet, but I remember the last time I was in Diccount tire they had a catalogue of those accessories mixed in with their wheel guides. Not their special deal pamphlet, but the big compilation guide on the counter. I would look there and on the internet.
Watch out for the screw holes

NickD said:
With those chrome peices do you have to worry about water getting under them and rusting them fenders???
Water against the paint won't make it rust. The only thing you have to watch out for are the holes you drill to mount them. Make sure to seal the hole with anti-corrosive paste because of the bare metal exposed.

silko82ny, that dream is kinda funny because just yesterday, a friend of mine dropped his CBR 600. Which used to be my bike a few months ago before I sold it to him! He went to Honda for replacement parts, and it's $500 just for one side panel. Crazy. I don't like all this talk about dropping bikes, I went and got an estimate for repairing the Ducati if that were to happen and it came up to just over $5000 if it scrapes either side! These damn things aint' cheap, so I guess I better keep that in mind next time I pull a wheelie on the freeway ;) It's hard not to though because it's just so fun.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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