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crome wheel well

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anybody know to go thouse crome liner thing the kinda lines the top of your wheel well , iv seen a couple legends with this one in a movie to fogot name but if anyone knows what im talking about holla back.

found this pic


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thats kinda messed up, he just asked where to get them, not how stupid or ugly u think they are:mad: that aint cool
NickD said:
With those chrome peices do you have to worry about water getting under them and rusting them fenders???
thats a good question...
BTW, Bread, heh, i had a nightmare lastnite that i just got a new yellow Ducat (which happens to be a dream of mine) except i crashed it into a wall!! i woke up this morning and read your post, and then saw your sig and it reminded me of the dream i had... i get the chills just thinking of dropping a Ducati!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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