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crome wheel well

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anybody know to go thouse crome liner thing the kinda lines the top of your wheel well , iv seen a couple legends with this one in a movie to fogot name but if anyone knows what im talking about holla back.

found this pic


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silko82ny said:
thats kinda messed up, he just asked where to get them, not how stupid or ugly u think they are that aint cool

That is bull Sh!t, the man is asking for help on acquiring a mod for HIS Legend. He didnt ask WTF you think of it. It is HIS car and HIS taste, not yours.
Its all about individual taste. So you like your jeans to be tight and hug your nuts, Just because I like my jeans baggy dosent mean I need to tell you what to and not to wear.
If he gets the mod and later decides he dosent like it, he can take it off. Thats part of the joy of modifying your car. Why have someone tell you what looks good and what doesnt. So we can all drive around in cars that all look the same?
Thats the beauty of our Legends, They are different.
Roger, Handle your business son. Who paid for for your car? Who drives your car. "Its All Bout U".
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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