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cruise control issue

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i have a 1993 acura legend coupe 6speed my cruise do not work so i change the botton on the steering also change the cruise control motor the switch lights up when you push the button on the dash board but when you try to set the cruise it will not activate can someone give me some in sight on where to look next please:rolleyes:
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start small and simple troubleshooting >>>>>>> c/c >>>>>>(cruise control)
1. check the connections on c/c actuator, c/c main switch and steering cable reel and button
2. check fuses {No. 13 and No. 20}, check horn relay, check ground connection.
3. check c/c cable and throttle body,
4. check speed sensor, if speed sensor is faulty and [D4] is flashing then c/c will not activate.
5. check c/c unit located passenger side of kick panel
* if SRS is lit and airbags have been previously deployed. the cable reel/slip ring may need to be changed because it shorts out on impact and deploys airbags
6. check for poor/broken/corroded wiring. ensure optimal connection.
Clock spring inside steering wheel may be your problem. Do horn and radio controls work?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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