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cruise control response

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When I press cruise control the car response is sticky or erratic. Coincidentally, my speedometer appears similar. What could be the cause?
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Mine does it too...... The speed sensor is in the back of the speedo where the speedo cable attaches. So if the speedo cable is on its way out and is getting worn and the speedo needle is bouncing around the cruise control relies on the needle to be in a smooth perfect position...

Anyone can correct me if i am wrong but thats where the cruise control picks up its signal from in the back of the instrument cluster.....

One of the causes of your problem is a speedometer cable that needs to be lubricated. There is a DIY for this in the G1 DIY subsection under the G1 Frequently Asked Questions section.

The upper half of the cable is very simple to lubricate, the lower section requires a bit more patience, but can be done.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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