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I was reading up on Custom CAI's at an honda civic site. It referred me to jcwhitney where I could purchase the pipes. I was wondering if anyone had any info on how to do it and where to run the pipes on the legend. I would appreciate your help.

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some ideas

I'd use the search function on these forums, you are going to get a lot of g2 material, but there are some who have made custom CAis for the g1.

myself - cone filter on the stock intake pipe - easy, cheap, improved my speed and throttle response. Sounds great.

I think the benefit you get from CAI over an intake is marginal, (have a look at alexie's site - he has some data on this comparison) and the risk of water being injested by the engine too high, unless you have a bypass filter.

I don't think you are going to get lucky with JCWHitney civic pipes, in fact there isn't that much in the way of bolt ons for the legend, and working in the crampt engine bay means you need to be creative.

Basically you are going to need to remove the entire stock intake filter/resonator assembly, including all the rubber pipes infront of the battery, the stock intake pipes all the way to the intake itself.
You will more than likely need to relocate the battery itself to make enough room for reasonable diameter piping as well. I dont think it's possible to do a good job of a CAI with the batt in there.

Then you can either pick up a prefab intake like the weapon R ones and bolt it on if you have a manual tranny, or bugger around with the tranny cables on the intake and botch it up if you have an auto. Or you can DIY completely with mandrel bent pipe, inline filter etc, and more piping down behind the bumper.

like I say there are quite a few examples with basic pics - do a search and see what aqmount of effort is worthwhile.

good luck


You will need to
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