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D4 LIGTHS went off/now its on

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i just finished takin off d whole cluster...i followed what MIKE D.
says on this thread abt. D4 BULB,,,ANYWAY, i took off the back
of d cluster which has 8 screws then the circuit board which has
only 6screws ,so i flip up the circuit board n it shows all d indicator
bulbs with rubber socket,i try to unplug the bulb,but then d whole rubber socket went off,n found out its NOT SOLDERED!!!,like MIKE
D. says,,,,its only plug in n out together with the black rubber socket,,so i just switch d bulb of D1 TO D4 N whaddya know,,,
voila my D4 IS ON AGAIN AT LAST!!!!!!!,,ANYWAY ,d old bulb of
D4 found out its burned...i used d D1 BULB coz i barely or never
use it,,,so there it is problem solved...anyway , i have auto trans..
so to all people here that has same problem like mine...i wud like
to let ya guys know that its so simple n turn yur D4 again
come alive...its like replacing yur headligths.....ok?

anyone who has q?pls. let me know...
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Tja, that´s it, sometimes. European and US Legends are in some interiors a little bit different. We have some stuff, what you don´t have and reverse. Sometimes terrible. And so our bulbs. The only different is:
- European Legends have soldered-in bulbs. Ok, that´s a disadvantage cuz our bulbs will never burn out (spec. long life LED´s!). And thus, we have the soldered version.

Glad to see, that I could help you.

Mike / Cologne
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