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so today(its raining), i decided to get out of the house earlier than usual to get to my night class which i'm almost always late for.;) i was just chillin in my car pounding (not much to pund, stock system! :eek: :p ) to the radio on my way to class. i'm taking foothill blvd. (its a long strip of road that leads to lake merrit in oakland) and i come up to a traffic light, the light is green so i proceed when little do i know, some man ran his redlight and decided to slam on his brakes in the middle of the intersection!!!!:eek::eek: when i see him, i slam on my brakes only to find that i lost traction(due to the slippery/wet surface) and my car runs right into his(my front right of the car hit his front left)!!!:mad: i honk and i honk and i honk because i'm pissed!! so he turns into the street i was going in and park on the left lane(oneway street w/ 2 lanes) i park behind him. to my relief, a man comes up to me and asks if i was alright, he then told me he saw the whole thing and offered to be my witness!:p he gives me his card and leaves the scene. shortly after, the police arrive...the other guy had the nerve to say he saw a yellow light! whore! my car got away with a cracked front passenger headlight and the bumper's been pushed in and cracked down the middle. it happend a little before 6pm today so i couldn't get a hold of my insurance. i'm gonna holla at them tomorrow after class. just thought i'd share my story with you peeps. *sigh*:rolleyes:
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