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I do hope, the following steps will help you to remove the lower dash panel. It's no secret to get it removed. But I thought to give you some tips how to get this part removed ;) -Mike

How To Remove The Dash panel
The lower dashpanel is the whole cover under the steering wheel, which held with 3x 8mm bolts. Now take a 8mm nut and wrench and unscrew all 3 bolts counterclockwise. The bolts 1 & 2 are easy to find. Bolt No 3 is behind the flat black accessorie panel (or switch) top left.

Lower Dash Panel

Notice: In some models (L, LS, GS Type) there's a complete switch (Courtesy,TCS & Fog switch) installed instead of a flat black accessorie panel (L Type).

To get access to screw No 3
If there is a switch, you can pull out the complete switch with a small screw driver. Behind the switch (or the cover), you will find the 3rd screw of the inner plastic frame. Don't bend it !!!

Hood Opener (Mounting Hole No 2)

Hood Opener (Mounting Clip No 4)
On the underneath right side of the dash panel above the ignition lock you will notice, that this cover is held with a metal clip No. 4. Pull it out. Now you have taken out your dash panel.

After removing is looks like

Just a side note:
Pay attention of the fragile plastic tab ! That happened me (Before/After). Once it got broken it it's not repairable. You can take the best glue, it will always broke, believe me !

Location Of The Screws
You will find the screws No. 1 / 2 and 3. No 4 is no screw. It's a metall clip.

Screw No 1: On top of the corner closest to the gas pedal.
Screw No 2: Under your hood latch.
Screw No 3: Behind the TCS control switch (or fog light assy). Pop it out and you will see it.
Clip No 4: Far right side, just underneath the ignition switch.

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yea i freakin just broke my tab today. i couldnt get the side off with the ignition. but im going to buy some really good glue tomorow and see what i can do if not then its gonna stay like that for a whie(with it hanging down. also i cant pop my cortisy light, foglight etc. switch out. its like stuck in there lol. ill work on it tommorow.

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One is behind the hood release lever (you can see my tan lever at the bottom of this pic). The second one is behind the button panel below the vent (blank panel if you don't have TCS or fogs) and you can see the bare metal bracket where the screw goes in the pic (kinda center towards the right, just at the corner of the dash). To locate the 3rd one, start at the ignition switch and move straight back and down, you will see it down there, angled kinda up.

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Hope this helps.

Make sure that you remove Screw #2 first (as seen in LHD pic), because the bracket its attached to has a tendency to break very easily. If you remove the other screws first, the bracket (behind the TCS/FOG/Courtesy switch) has to bear the weight of the panel and end up snapping. If you do break it, you can put it back together with bondo or contact cement along with a metal "L" bracket found in the cabinet hardware section at Home Depot.

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