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The trim that you speak of surrouding the AC and heater controls is in fact not trim - it is a one piece molded assy. The AC / Heater control unit is just the lower (digital half) and the upper half is the housing and ventes.

The trim around the instrument cluster that your picture points to is called the "inner visor" - it is removable, but I don't have my helms readily available - anyone out there with easy access to the HELMS or (forgive me for saying this... haynes, chilton).


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You better...

Take the 2 screws that are in the corners of the coin pocket out or you'll tear it up. As for the cluster visor, take out the 2 screws holding the lower dash trim on (one is behind the black trim plate on the LH side) and pull it off from around the ignition switch. Look on either side of the steering column and find the small screws that hold the visor in. Remove them. The visor should come right out after you disconnect the molex plugs for the defroster and the interior light switch.

If you are going to be doing this kind of stuff on a regular basis, you SERIOUSLY need a HELM manual. Best $70 you'll ever spend. Good luck---

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Quite easy...

You will find 3 screws (8mm nuts) (bottom left = hood-lever, bottom right, and one behind the flat black accessorie panel top left!(If there is a switch, you can pull out the complete switch with a small screw driver).Behind the switch (or the cover), you will find the 3rd screw of the inner plastic frame.

There are two black screws one on the left and the other right above the ignition (you have to really look hard!) after those are unscrewed just pull out the black panel with the defrost, cruise, etc, it just pops out!
Be careful: Only PULL ! These cover has a snap-in lock.

Pull out the two wiring harnesses, put that to the side, now you have the plastic covering, on the left side and right there are 2 screws a piece, unscrew those, pull cluster out slightly. 2 screws per side = 4 screws!

To take out the A/C control head unit...

it´s very simple! If you have an ATM (Automatic Transmission), you must (flat screw driver) pull out the small black cover, then remove the 2 screws (under the ash tray) and finally pull gently the whole wood panel. This panel contains 6 clip holder (2x upper, 2x in the center and 2x lower). If this is done, you will see 2 screws. Remove these and pull slightly the whole unit out.

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