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Dashboard rattle

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When the weather gets warm outside the dashboard in my car rattles. It sounds like it is coming from the passenger side, close to where the airbag is. It's real annoying, cause it sounds like the dash is falling apart. Pretty soon i will probably take it to the dealer to have them take a look at it. But any info you guys could provide before hand would help alot.
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Same here, and several other owners have this problem. No solution that I have found (sort of a complete dash rebuild). One guy even took out his pass airbag to see if he could find the problem ... no luck.

If you do get a solution from the dealer, make sure you post it!
yeah, same here. I get a small squeaky sound when it gets warm, only when it gets warm.
The long air vents at the front of my dash rattle and it sucks. Im going to JB weld them down tonight i think. My passenger seat rattles it its annoying i think its form sliding back and forth for 10 years
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