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For sale are a set of 18x9 / 18x10 (no tires / dont know the offset of the wheels but getting this info) Dazz Matiz wheels off my buddy's MKIV Supra Twin Turbo. I have seen these wheels in person and they are gorgeous! However there may be an issue with the wheels. Here is the story. My buddy got these wheels, but the wheels never seemed to balance properly as he would have an intermittent vibration at 60mph+. We never understood why this happened, and never understood why it was intermittent which makes no sense what so ever. He sent the wheels back to Dazz, and they sent it back to him saying the wheels were perfect with no issues. Still he had the vibration issue (intermittently). My friend took the wheels to a local tire shop to check them out, and the guy at the shop said it may be an improperly drilled lug pattern. This also did not make too much sense as we found it difficult to believe all four wheels would have this issue? in any case, my buddy got tired of dealing with this drama, and bought some SF Challenges. Now he has the wheels laying around. Most of you I am sure know how expensive and rare (discontinued) these wheels are. If someone out there knows about wheels, maybe you may know what is wrong if anything. We dont think it is the tires either as he took the tires off the wheels to put on the SF Challenge's and no more vibration. We are baffled!

If anyone is interested, he is offering the wheels "As Is" for $1,200 (obo). We do not know what other cars this would fit, but they are the proper fitment for the MKIV Supra, and guessing it will fit the SC300/400 as it is essentially the same car.

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