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This 1992 Acura Legend was my car that was handed down to me in 1996 when I began to learn how to drive.

I loved it, kept it clean, well mantained. It saw a Clay Bar twice a year
with wax every month. When the wheel wells started rusting I had them fixed.

I had HIDs, Koni Shocks, Eibach Springs, Nice Stereo System, Tinted Windows, Clear Corners and Bumpers, 17" Wheels and Tires.

This car was with me from when I turned 16 and learned how to drive, until I
graduated from College and got a job. It was at this time that my youngest
sister began to learn how to drive. I decided to buy a new car, so that my
parents would not have to fork out the money and spend the time trying to find a nice used Honda Accord.

My sister began to love the car as much as me, washing it, taking care of it as much as me. But the car's fate was soon approaching.

As my sister was driving one day, she looked down at the Alpine radio, but
she did not see the two cars that had just crashed infront of her, and she
rear ended someone going while traveling at about 30mph.

The insurance totalled the car,(5,700 damage) and gave us 3,000 dollars for the car. We bought it back from them for 500 dollars. We then sold it to a friend that is a mechanic and decided to buy my sister a 1993 Honda Accord for 2,000 dollars.

She was very upset by the loss of the Legend, but death at the hands of its new owner was a fate that this car should not have faced.

I gave the Legend to my sister, and got myself a brand new 2004 Pontiac GTO. It was going to be a new G35 Coupe, but price versus power, the GTO couldn't lose. I paid $23,000 BRAND NEW for this car.

I let my father drive it home, and I thought I could take him in my Legend. Fat chance. Now my legend is somewhere totaled and my new GTO is loving its new home

I still want to buy a 6spd GS Sedan or 6spd LS Coupe and fix it up one day.
Whenever I see Legends around it makes me sad :(

I now have MANY parts available for this car, I want to give you guys a chance to get them before I put them on eBay.

I have put them in the For Sale section. Please check them out!

This site was a part of me growing up, I'm only 23 years old, but this car
was with me when I was only allowed to back the car out of the garage and being excited about moving it that far. Fut, Koji Honda, Alexi, all the old guys from the old legend forums, thanks for your knowledge and help!!

Be careful, and have fun driving! Enjoy your Legends, I know I did!!

Have a safe and happy holiday!!!

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Thank you guys for all the nice comments!

I will stick around and look around, hell, I might even buy a nice GS Sedan to go along with my GTO. ;)

Screen name on is "Mister Skizzels" and My mods on the GTO are...

Custom ECU and Tranmission Tune

I got an Automatic, and everyone makes fun of me for it.......

until the see the car get sideways on a 1-2 and 2-3 shift ;)

I've got lots of plans for this new car, but I have to learn to control myself!

I want to get some nice long tube headers...mostly because I could never be
DV8 and get headers on the Legend ;)

Thanks again guys!! I will be around!!
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