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Defrost Not Working

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Those have had defrost died, what was your problem or solution??

The defrost button on my '95 L Sedan comes on but no heat on the rear window. My guess: 1) 40A fuse under hood looks good though no test
2) Defrost relay
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I know that this doesn't help you directly but I'm sure if you search on the Internet, there's a guide telling you how to check your rear defrost using a voltmeter and how to repair it. I even think there's info on it in the Haynes manual, not sure about the Helms. Good luck.
Bad relay, it's one of the the ones in the box by the rad.
where is the relay located? i didnt see one in the fuse pannel under the hood.
^bump to keep these suggestions going
Still a bad relay, still in the relay box attached to the radiator. Should be the large one on the left looking in.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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