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sup dave,
i'll let you know when i get em. i order some from the group buy (which is still on) for $66.32 shipped. i need to replace my plugs so i thought i'd try these out.
sholinlegend, any input. i know you have them. what do you think of em?


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Personally I think denso iridiums are nothing special and do nothing that platinums can't do. This has been discussed a bunch over on the TL forum. Some members claim they are great where others claim they are b.s. If you really want to spend the money then go for it and let us know what you think of them.

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My skirt dropped the sixty some duckets on a set of Denso Iridiums for me.

Quite frankly the line of questioning (Denso or not?) and answer is subject to many factors such as

modifications to your engine
Air/Fuel Mixtures
Compression Ratios/Forced Induction
Advancing Ignition Timing
Engine Speed and Load
Ambient Air Temperature
Barometric Pressure/Altitude


What you believe an honest expectation is going to be.

Is you engine going to respond better than your previous plugs? Yes, but this is probably because your existing plugs are in need replacing so that if you changed them with NGKs, NGK platinums or denso iridiums you will notice an improved difference.

Denso Iridium plugs do offer performance gains where platinums may not -

higher quality material
require less energy to fire (electrical performance)
precise electrical field
5K ohm Monolithic Resistor

The colder type removes heat more quickly, and will reduce the chance of pre-ignition/detonation and melting or damage to the firing end.

Ask a engine tuner or racer if he or she has ever torqued a plug to where the electrical tip was aligned so that it was facing the intake valves without the obstruction of the negative contact. Many of them do. I have done this mod of my Yamaha R1 at the recommendation of the forum. Did this modification land them 5HP - doubt it, probably 1HP, but everything helps. Did I feel an instant boost of performance - not really - but that is because although I am quite ballsy on my bike, I am not able to fully utilize the potential of the R1.

I will say that I noticed my acura engine idles smoother after installing Denso Iridiums - don't know if that makes sense to those on this board but its true. BTW - I installed NGKs and one week later installed denso iridiums - and still felt a difference above and beyond the ngks.

sorry for the long post guys and gals, but you must have reasonable expectations of doing this mod.

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