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Differential Leak Help / Advice

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Hi All... after a month of extensive monitoring I have determined that my diff is leaking from the "Housing" as displayed here - Acura Legend Online Service Manual (Pages: 0530-0553, current: 0536)

This started after the weather got a bit warmer and I did a fluid change. Other than filling it up frequently, is there anything simple that can be done. I am willing to try a leak stop (can't find any products though) just once until I can get it done right. I don't really have time to work on it right now or afford to pay someone else to do so.

To my knowledge all that was done prior to me purchasing the car. I have new axles and boots so I know they did do at least half of what they should have lol..

In the event I do it myself, do I need to take out the whole diff, or is there a shortcut I can use since none of the other seals are leaking?

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id check at the local parts yard and grab one and swap it out.
The local yard has 4 right now.. it would be about $65 out the door. I can swing that but I just don't have the time. Probably need to make some improvised tools as well :)

That is a good idea though.. I would get more familiar with the process and have a chance to rebuilt it. And grab a new non stripped out oil pan for another $8.

Well I have seen a few DIY's - anyone know the most comprehensive one with pics or good references? Real world pics are sometimes more helpful than the service manual.

not sure about pics as ive never ran into that problem b4. i will say its one of the things alot of people over look these on legends and 1 of the 1st things i check when i buy a legend or look at 1.
Are you sure it is the housing itself and not the oil seal in the housing where the axle goes in?
What leak is more likely? It appears to collect at the housing edge. Unlike when you change the fluid and you have a few drops on the passenger side face.

I would think if it was from the shaft, it would be a much bigger mess. I recently did my struts and got a better look - all the buildup starts at the drain plug and most of the gunk is on the bottom of the diff. It is not leaking from the drain plug btw.

Either way I should be replacing the majority of the seals if I do any work on it - from what I have read so far at least...
Just got back from the yard. The visit was total fail... I was on the last bolt and my socket drive sheared off. When the socket broke I sliced my thumb knuckle open down to the bone so I was bleeding nicely. I had to leave since I was unable to remove the bolt, and my bleeding needed attention lol.

This is a real PIA task.. I would much rather do a another HG job than deal with this. I'm going to get in contact with my buddy and see if his buddy can give me a deal on labor.

Side note a 95 coupe came in to the yard today. I got there around 2pm, they open at 8 or 9. Someone had already removed the top half of the engine and the trans... I'll get a type II IM someday :)

I know this is still on the first page, but *bump* anyone have any 'ok to try, won't hurt nothing' temp fixes for a diff leak?

Thanks again!
Where in Texas ? I need a heater core sensor for climate control...
adam91 - I am sure there are some yards over in Fort Worth. There is a lame one in Waco - forget the name. I go to wrench-a-part in Belton mostly, they have another in Austin.

Actually in DFW they have pick & pull.. this link will interest you:

Pick-n-Pull » Check Inventory

Good Luck
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