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Dimpled/Slotted Brembos Installed

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I finally got my new brakes on that I got from Wood over at Raceconcepts. He was great and I got my PBR MetalMaster pads and zinc plated Dimpled/Slotted Brembo/Bradi Rotors for $324 shipped. I'm still breaking them in right now so I can't really comment on the added performance but for me its so much better right now.

I knew that something had to be seriously wrong with my brakes that I had one previously because when I would press down on the pedal almost nothing would happen and it was way to soft. So we bled the brakes which hepled a lot. Then upon inspecting the rear caliper mounting brackets we found that the pins were rusted in so basically the rear calipers hadn't been working at all :eek:. Anyways, we just ran some solvent through there and cleaned all the dirt and everything out so that it's like new. Installation was pretty straightforward, but it took us like 8 hours cause of the little problems that we ran into and the two front big bolts were really hard to take off.

I'll make another post when I finish braking them in in like another 475 miles :). Then I rip it up.

Here is the front:

Here is the rear rotor:
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Hey aaron i think your coupe is one of the sweetest out there man, even though im a g1 man myself i still love the g2, that red coupe is one bad biatch dude. Plus it seems like you do another mod every week, keep it up man.
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