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disabling ABS

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hey guys,
Iw as wondering if anyone had experience disabling the ABS in a G1? My modulator is getting noisy, and rather than just pull the fuses I was thinking of wiring a switch on the dash so I could turn the system on in poor conditions, and not work the modulator all the time.
I've never really done automotive wiring before although I can use a soldering iron good. if anyone has a wiring diagram or can give me an idea of how to get to the correct abs wires that would be great.

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Just pull the three fuses from the fuse box under the hood labeled ABS1,2,3. Then you might want to pull the red bulb from the dash.
I agree. Did just that- including bulb removal. Plan to fix the problem tho'
Is it your modulator or your pump that's making noise? Usually it's the pump trying to repressure the system. You can replace the accumulator ( ~$450 ) or wire a switch into the pressure sensor, located driver's side front behind headlight, below fail safe relays, connected to accumulator. Jump the sensor to make it think the system is pressurized, which will stop the pump. Unjump and allow the system to pump in inclement weather.

what happens when the ABS try to work with no pressure when you don't have the switch on for the pressure switch?
how did you remove the abs warning lamp - other than the whol remove wheel, remove instrument cluster jobbie?
I'm running with the fuses out but I want to wire a switch so I can turn the system on and off from inside the car.
If anyone has a wiring diagram of the alb system that would be sweet.

you don't need to take the whole wheel off, there are about 4 screws on the underside of your dash. Unsrew these... pull the plastic part back. Then unclip them. And I think you need to unscrew the actually metal part behind that. Pull it out a lil bit and then just reach around back and get the bulb.
Another option for wiring in a switch is to just leave the fuses in and find the line in the fuse box that goes to the ABS system and cut into this wire. That way it wont be tricked into working(assuming the previous model with it switched off) when there is no pressure. The whole thing will just work or not. If you do disable the pressure sensor and you do use your ABS then they could damage the braking system... probaly not, but I wouldn't risk it if I wasn't sure.
The ABS will try to work, no pressure in the system will not allow it to "pulse" your brakes.... your brakes will lock .. aka you'll be driving around with a car that does not have ABS. G1 legends have seperate ABS and Brake reservoirs and the ABS in no way affects regular braking.

thanks for the help guys!
Firestorm, getting the bulb out was a piece of cake, thanks for the heads up. I'm going to wire up bumper fogs soon and may also wire in the alb isolation switch after the fuses whilst im gettin eletcical, but for now its good to have no noise and no bright yellow bulb on the cluster.


I too am experiencing these ALB problems. The only thing i do is remove the one relay in the fuse box under the hood labled abs. anyone have any idea how much an accumulater is?:confused:
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