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DIY - JDM Door Sills

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DIY: JDM Door Sills

It takes a certain amount of courage to tear apart our luxurious interior,
but even more to cut it ;) You will be doing exactly that using this DIY--tearing and cutting.
Do not worry! It's a cinch; trust me. If I did it, you can too.

1. Remove the top portion of the sill by wedging a flat surface underneath and carefully prying upward:

2. Once the top portion of the sill is removed, the bottom half is next.
Removal is just like step one. Pry from behind as to avoid damaging the paint:

3. Now the top and bottom halves of the sill are removed:
(check out the 12-year-old preparation plastic)

* if you're a neat freak like me, then clean underneath where the sill used to be.

4. Cut out the USDM sills as such:

Notice I cut before the small hump, just after the raised grips.
In step 6, you will bring the cut forward, right at the small hump.
It's easier to do this in two phases to eliminate an accidental screw up.

5. Pull apart the cutout:

6. Now that the main cut is finished, I used a dremel to smooth out the cut and actually bring it forward a bit, right to the small hump, so the JDM sill sits flush.

7. You may need to pull off the mount tabs from the USDM sill
if any slipped off during the removal. If so, do that now and place them
back in their mount holes. Finally, sit the JDM sill in place:

Repeat steps 1-7 for the remaining sill.

I spent more time polishing the sills than I did intsalling them:

Good luck and God speed!
Post any further questions or comments.

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You guys have some nice Legends! I'm glad all of you found the DIY useful :) These sills look tight, eh? They're a luxurious upgrade.
Thank You! DIY was absolutely useful. The door sills are my favourite jdm parts. :) Now it's time for new leather. :angel:
Joey & I painted the plastic around the sills Satin Black with that new Fusion Paint for plastic - AWESOME!!
Sills look GREAT Istvan!! Enjoy them - def. a classy upgrade!
I won the latest sills on ebay, can't wait to install them. Paid 320 shipped I know it's a lot.... but I wanted them and that's all there is to it.
can these still be purchased? Or only JDM?
can these still be purchased? Or only JDM?
These were OE on Japanese (Honda) Legends. You have to find a used set (usually on Ebay or here) if you want to buy them.
Keith, pics are no longer working for me. Any way to get those back up?

How do these sills stay in place? 3M?
MLC, they have prongs on the underside that line up perfectly with the holes on the car. In fact, the part of the OEM plastic sills that you cut off to make room for the metal jdm sill inserts also had prongs - so the JDM metal takes the place of the oem plastic and attach in the same way the oem plastic did.
oh alright I was hoping it would install like that.
Keith, Thanks for the great DIY. Went on smooth! Funny what we pay for that touch of class!!!
41 - 49 of 49 Posts
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